1. How do I know if I am eligible for membership?

Membership requirements are detailed on the membership page. If you are still unsure if you meet the requirements, contact us for more information to clarify. 

2. I am eligible, but Detachment 336 is not near my home.  Can I still join?

If Detachment 336 is not a reasonable distance for you, consider joining a Marine Corps League detachment that is closer. To find a league in Washington (State), take a look at the Department of Washington website at http://washingtonmarines.org/ for a list of detachments.  For all states, search for a detachment by zip code at http://mclnational.org/Contact/Locator/tabid/737/Default.aspx.

3. Why should I join the Marine Corps League?

Marines are Marines and tend to enjoy containing with other Marines. The Espirit de Corps instilled during bootcamp and the hardships we endured continue throughout a Marine's life.  By joining the Marine Corps League, it gives you the oportunity to reach out and help your fellow Marines and regain that comaradarie you may have been missing.

4. I am not a combat veteran. Will I be out of place in the Marine Corps League?

If you earned the title of Marine (or FMF Corpsman/Chaplain), you earned the priviledge of serving in the Marine Corps League regardless of MOS or combat duty. 

5. I have not served in the Marine Corps, but want to be involved with the Marine Corps League. What can I do?

Thank you for your support!  You can consider becoming an Associate Member and you can donate to the league, or both. Know that your support to the Marine Corps League directly benefits veterans and is sincerely appreciated.

6. I want to support the league with a donation.  Where can I find information and are donations tax deductible?

We sincerely appreciate your support as you directly affect Marine veterans with your donations.  For more information, take a look at our donation page at: Donations 





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