Even if you don't need help, be prepared to help other veterans.

Attention veterans!

If you are like me, you served without promises of 'benefits' or 'awards' or 'recognition'. You served because it's the right thing to do as well as being an Honor.

But, because you served, you are appreciated, recognized, and deserving of benefits for your service. With that, before you do anything else today, visit the WAServes website.Right now.Don't refill your coffee cup, go shopping, or pick up a screwdriver to fix something. Go straight to http://washington.americaserves.org/.

Maybe you don't need help or assistance.Maybe you are doing well enough to not even consider using the benefits you earned.But this is more than about you.Like I said, if you are anything like me, you always put others ahead of yourself, whether it be for the country or your Brothers-in-arms.Check out http://washington.americaserves.org/ to learn how all veterans can be helped, because the more you know, the more you can refer others who may need the services offered.

Whether you need veteran benefits and services or not, you have the opportunity to know about what is available to help others who may not know or have the opportunity to find out.

I know you are like me.That is why you put others before yourself.And that is why it you should know the services available to veterans so you can be prepared to help out someone when the day comes.That day will come, so be ready, just like I am.

Semper Fi.

Marine Corps League Auxiliary
Veterans Resource Fair


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