When did you first hear about the Marine Corps League?


I have to admit, I have seen the Marine Corps League over the years, mostly associated with Toys for Tots.  I am also sure that I have seen the Marine Corps League uniform in news stories.  But for the life of me, I never really connected the dots of the Marine Corps League and how it relates to me as a Marine veteran.

It wasn't until I had been out of the Marines for three decades did I even really notice the local Marine Corps League detachment in my home area.  Once I looked into the league, my first question was "Marine Corps League, where have you been all my life?".  The answer: It has always been there.  I just never took notice.

After I joined Detachment 336, I questioned why I never saw the Marine Corps League before.  I even looked up some old Hawaii Marine newspapers for when I was stationed at KMCAS in the late 80s.   Guess what I found...  I found more than a few articles about the Aloha Detachment seeking members.  During my time at KCMAS, I read that newspaper regularly when it came out (except when I was deployed…) and I overlooked the Marine Corps League every time.  Yet there is was; it just never caught my eye.

Now, I see the Marine Corps League everywhere.  I see the league at community events, supporting the VA, and supporting all things that directly help Marines, and of course those who served as a FMF Corpsman or FMF Chaplain.

My point is that the Marine Corps League has always been there and I just never saw it.  When I was active duty in the Marines, I certainly never thought of spending my free time in more Marine Corps.  After leaving the Marine Corps, my focus was transitioning into the private sector.  But I realize now that I could have (should have!) started my Marine Corps League time way back then.  I realize that now because only recently did I understand the importance of the MC League to veterans and to the members, including myself.

I write this in hopes that when you speak with other Marines, that you be sure to tell them about the Marine Corps League.  They may hesitate to commit any time to "the Marines" again, especially as a volunteer member, but you know how Marines are.  When they start something, they go at it hard until it is finished.  That is what we are looking for.  We are looking for Marines.  We are looking for FMF Corpsmen.  We are looking for FMF Chaplains.  We are looking for you.

You already stood on the yellow footprints.   Now all you have to do is…

Show up.

Swear in.

Serve again.

If you live in the Greater Seattle Area, I personally invite you to join in any of our regularly scheduled meetings.  There is no need to call to reserve a seat.  No tickets to buy.  Nothing to do except show up.  Be prepared to join because once you see what your Marine Corps League is doing, you will want to be a part of something great again.  And trust me. It is never too late to get involved.

Semper Fi.

Brett Shavers

Public Affairs Officer 

You never left the Corps.
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