242nd Marine Corps Birthday Dinner 2017 - Puget Sound Marine Corps League Detachment 336

The Puget Sound Marines observed the most revered US Marine Corps tradition with their 242nd Marine Corps Birthday Dinner. The event was held on November 11, 2017, at Billy Baroos, Foster Golf Links, Tukwila, Washington. The evening was presided over by Commandant Mark Gorman and Senior Vice Commandant Rick Flath. Music was provided by DJ Kruser.

The Pierce County Marine Corps League Detachment 504 and their guests, the Republic of Korea Marines (ROK), were well represented. The camaraderie among Marines could only be described as “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” The brotherhood is alive and well.

The “Mess Night” themed affair was celebrated by a sold-out banquet room of US Marines and FMF Corpsmen, family and friends. The evening’s Honored Guest and featured speaker was Lieutenant Colonel Tinson, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Bangor.

Longstanding traditions began with “Roll Call” by Era and the solemn “Fallen Comrades” table observance. General Lejeune Message was delivered, and Commandant of the Marine Corps’ Birthday Video reinforced the proud Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment through history and tradition.

The “Cutting of the Cake” Birthday Ceremony honoring the oldest and youngest Marines in attendance symbolized the passing of Marine Corps tradition from the old to the new.

Lieutenant Colonel Tinson’s, message that today’s Marine and Corps maintains the highest level of combat readiness in the finest traditions of the Corps. His report that the fitness of the modern US Marines upholds the 242-year tradition to excellence was well received by all.

By all accounts, the evening was a huge success. The voluntary dress code of regulation Marine Corps League uniform combined with the “call and response” of the Mess Night format infused the revered observance with good will, humor and traditional observances. Many attendees ended the evening in good cheer and looking forward to the 243rd Marine Corps Birthday celebration! All guests received a 242nd Maine Corps Birthday souvenir glass with the detachment logo. All military also received a USA/USMC mini flag with base.

Our appreciation goes out to Billy Baroos for supporting our event and especially the banquet crew whose customer service excellence contributed to the event’s success.

Kudos to Steve Knox, Adjutant/Paymaster for keeping the digits in order and staffing the Check-In table.


Special thanks go to Jennifer Flath and Carine Martenson for the creative and beautiful “Dress Blues” themed table decorations and US Marine Corps themed gift baskets.


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