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Saturday, 23 June 2018 22:45

Your First Stop After the Marine Corps.

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If you are transitioning out of the Corps, make the Marine Corps League your first stop. Don't wait. Don't postpone. Find the nearest detachment and go to the next meeting.

Let me tell you now that I know the reason you are not thinking about going. Coincidentally, your reason to not go is the primary reason that you should go.

You just spent years in the Corps. Everything you did was for someone else. Your company. Your platoon. Your squad. Your Fireteam. Your buddy. You are instinctively supportive of others, and that is a good thing. But now let us help guide you on your new life. Let the Marine Corps League help put you on a path of success, or pull you out of a pit of despair. The League is here for you. I am talking to the FMF Corpsmen and FMF Chaplains too. The US Congress chartered the Marine Corps League for you, so take advantage of it.

I am going to spoil a few things for you, so stand by.

When you go to your first meeting, you will be overwhelmed with hugs and handshakes from the most gentle, but fierce-some veterans you'll ever met, young and old. MOSs don't matter, combat service or not, and nor does any prior rank held make a difference. The common bond is the EGA held by all.

Once you get set up in your new life, met and made a few good friends from your detachment, consider becoming a regular member at the detachment. Consider giving a hearty handshake to that next transitioning Marine, FMF Corpsman, or FMF Chaplain who just walked off base into their new life. Be that Marine.

And if you are in the Greater Seattle area, make no mistake: I want to meet you at our next League meeting to greet you on your new life.

For those who have been out more than a day (or many years!), you are as welcome and we wait for you to come on in too. In fact, we kinda expect you to be there next meeting so that we can share in this thing called Brotherhood.

Semper Fi.

Brett Shavers, Public Affairs Officer, Marine Corps League, Detachment 336

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